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Must Know Save The Date Etiquette ❤️

  |   Save the Dates


There’s a lot that goes into sending out your save the date announcements. Here are some tips to keep in mind in regard to save-the-date etiquette.

Who to send them to

Save the dates are an expected courtesy, especially if you’re getting married on a holiday weekend or in a far off destination. Keep in mind that the group of people that receive a save the date should also be expecting a wedding invitation to follow, so only invite people you want to celebrate with you on your big day. Even if you’ve already received confirmation from certain guests by mouth or by email, it’s still proper to send them a save the date.

A teaser for what’s to come

Save the dates set the tone for what’s to come in the way of a wedding theme and color palette. If you’re set on a rustic affair, you’ll want to search for stationery that reflects that natural tone. However, keep in mind that save the dates are often less formal than wedding invitations, so you can feel free to get creative.

Let your personality shine

Take this opportunity to inject a bit of your personality into the stationery. Whether it’s through wording, pictures or design, there are plenty of ways to make it your own.

Look at your options

You don’t realize how many options you truly have until you sit down and try to pick out the perfect save the date. Before you decide on one, consider all of the various styles and colors you can choose from. You can send out a save-the-date calendar or opt for various features like foil, flat print, folded, layered, ribbon, photo, translucent, tri-fold and more.

When to mail out

Mail your save-the-date announcements about 12-18 months prior to the actual ceremony. This means you need to have a set date that goes out on the announcements.

Destination wedding rules

If you’re planning to tie the knot in in a faraway destination, spread the news as early as possible  prior to the big day. This gives your loved ones plenty of time to mark the date on their calendar, book travel and hotel arrangements and ask for time off of work.

Remember out-of-town guests

Be sure to get a save the date out to out-of-town loved ones so that they have time to make travel arrangements and schedule flights to get there in time.

Go multi-purpose

You can have your save the date double as a holiday card.  It doesn’t have to reflect your wedding theme, so even if you’re getting married in June, you can still send out a holiday save the date.


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